I know it’s naptime somewhere in the world!

Schedules, appointments, practices, eat, sleep and repeat. Sunday-Saturday, 12a.m.-11:59p.m. 365 days a year. Well 366 on leap years. Never in a million years would I have ever guessed that this would be my life, and never in my wildest imagination would I find myself loving every minute of it…..well most of it. Dreams of owning my own business slowly disappear, replaced by new dreams and goals. My focus is no longer on myself but on four little people whose happiness and well being are the reason I wake up.

Now can I be completely honest? Right after all those warm fluffy feelings subside (around my 4 am wake up call from my twin boys) in comes the question I ask myself everyday…..what the heck??!! Out the window is the career woman that was determined to be a successful attorney despite the many roadblocks life has thrown my way and in walks the woman whose happiness now hinges on an uniterrupted 2 hour naptime. Yeah I said it, naptime makes me happy, ecstatic even. No one climbing on the kitchen table or playing in the toilet. No one pouring milk, juice or whatever on the floor and attempting to lick it up and my absolute favorite; no one taking eating utensils out of the dishwasher and running around like a madman. Did i mention that someone is almost always stark naked (or at least diaperless) throughout this whole ordeal? So yes, naptime is my favorite time of the day. Take a nap when they nap they say….where do people get this craziness from?? Sure this advice was great and actually possible before these guys became mobile, but I would LOVE to meet the stay at home mom or dad that’s actually able to do this with toddlers. Naptime means marathon cleaning in these parts. Laundry, kitchen, bathroom and packing afternoon snacks for my afternoon shift, when the big ones get added into the mix.  Yeah!!! Finally some help….NOT!! Commence the fights over the front seat, chore chart, homework and my undivided attention. I’m convinced they’re secretly plotting to drive me crazy….well mission accomplished and I kinda like it.

The two culprits in question....this "hug" immediately turnef into a full on headlock after this picture was taken
The two culprits in question….this “hug” immediately turned into a full on headlock after this picture was taken

3 thoughts on “I know it’s naptime somewhere in the world!

  1. Love this Brooke! And yes I can agree!!!! Thank you for writing this blog reassuring that we, Moms, won’t be dammed to Hell for secretly loving nap time! Lol

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