Christmas with the Bennett Babies.

As Caleb and Jaiden get older and understand more it’s so exciting to see them experience things for the first time. They’re AMAZED at bubbles but also equally intrigued with poop and the toilet (hey, I didn’t say it was all good) We couldn’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year because finally they would have some sense of whats going on. We receive requests to watch Elmo no less than 50 times a day so of course the life size, talking Elmo would be sure to be a huge hit. I couldn’t sleep at all Christmas Eve night and daylight couldn’t get here fast enough; I couldn’t wait to see their eyes light up, this was going to be EPIC!! After making everyone open what is referred to as the “boring gifts” which is usually books and clothes… know the stuff they actually need, finally the good stuff!! Ok roll out the baby 4 wheelers!! “Look guys, press right here…no,no this button….yeah, you have to hold it. No Caleb you have your own, see. No this toy is only for one baby at a time…ok fine you can ride with Jaiden. Jaiden NO!!! Don’t push him off!! Whoa, whoa..he’s not on yet!!” Ok, let’s what else Santa Claus brought you. Now this is the one…they’re gonna go nuts when we open this one. “Look guys, ELMO!!!!” Immediate stares of unbelief mixed with obvious suspicion and a slight hint of terror/fear. Surely I’m reading this wrong, they love Elmo. “Let’s give him a hug”. Whoa lady…now you’re pushing it, we just met this guy and now you want us to touch him. Ok baby steps, he’ll sit right here in mommy’s lap.”Say hi to Elmo” . With the flick of a switch Elmo comes to life…I mean mouth movement and interaction and all. I don’t think I’ve seen them run from anything so fast…ever. It’s all fun and games when Elmo is on Sesame Street, but this….this is something all together different. After weeks of side eyes and suspicion I’m pleased to say Elmo is now a friend, which of course means attempts to feed him and give him a bath. Elmo always seems to magically disappear in the back of my closet during meal and bath time to keep the meltdowns to a minimum. All in all Christmas was great, what’s the holiday season without a few tears and temper tantrums here and there?

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