Super Dad to the Rescue!!!

I’m convinced Caleb and Jaiden have split personalities and secretly plot to drive me insane, or at least as close to it as possible. By the time everyone gets home from work, school or wherever they go; the minions…I mean babies, that I have been with all day magically transform. Mad dashes to see Lala (Lauryn) and Mameron (Cameron) and the even bigger star..DADDY!!!! I’m serious…this dude gets hugs, kisses and even an occassional two step from Caleb. Meanwhile I’m trying to adjust the scarf on my head, with one flip flop on and trying to remember if I brushed my teeth today. I don’t mean to sound jealous but I spend A LOT of time wishing I could switch roles with Daddy the Superhero just so someone could see why at the end of the day I look like death warmed over.  This “wish” came true over the Christmas holiday. On Christmas Day while trying to prove that I still had “it”  to my 10 year old, I fell off the hoverboard. When I say I fell, I mean I fell HARD!! I’m talking lying on the ground in excruciating pain as 911 is called, kind of hard!! I ended up with a broken ankle so serious that it actually required surgery. I couldn’t believe this. Who’s going to watch the babies?? What about the older 2; who will take them to school, pick them up and not to mention practice and therapy and tutoring??? Enter…SUPERDADDY!!! I have to be honest, I had my doubts. Going from seeing the kids a couple hours a day to full on daddy mode is sure to drive anybody crazy, but having a brokedown spouse to take care of on top of that…well, we’ll see how super he is. He did it. I mean he even had time to actually cook and everything!! Sure he asked a million questions about everything but the point is he did it and made it look easy. I must admit the twins did their best trying to break him in. They pulled out all the stops, poop on the floor, taking off  their clothes and peeing on the couch…I mean all their best stuff..but he held his own. The time finally came for him to return to work and I had to admit I would miss him. I would miss conversation that didn’t revolve around Elmo or the Itsy, Bitsy Spider. I told him what a great job he did and how much I really appreciated all his help as he got ready for work the next morning;but I noticed a slight spring in his step…..this dude was happy!! He couldn’t wait to get back to work!!! He even had the nerve to tell me he would gladly pass the reins back to me because after a couple weeks being a stay at home mom he realized just how hard I work. So there was appreciation all around and admiration for everyone’s roles in the family; I wonder if he appreciates me enough to do it again while I take a much needed 2 week vacation?? Screenshot_2016-03-15-15-44-05

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