Mind Your Binky Business!!

I have a confession.. Caleb and Jaiden are both 3 and…they still suck binkies…Everywhere we go if people see them in their mouth their first question is “how old are they?” Perfect strangers then feel completely comfortable getting at eye level to MY children to tease and harass them about still using “that nasty thing”.  Well hello perfect stranger that I’ve never met a day in my life, how about you mind your business? Or, that’s really funny I don’t remember asking you about your opinion on how I raise my children. But to be honest it’s not just perfect strangers who for whatever reason feel completely comfortable issuing out unsolicited parental advice, it’s friends and family too. “They still sucking those things??” Why yes, yes they are. I would be considered rude or out of line for saying “is your child still tormenting the whole house and hitting or spitting at anyone that gets in their way…or is your child still a compulsive liar??!!
Not that I need to explain or justify my actions to anyone I do felt it necessary to elaborate a little on just how tough my little guys are. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs Caleb and Jaiden were born at 28 wks. to a LONG LIST of health problems. They still have several specialists and residual effects of prematurity such as vision problems, heart issues, blood pressure issues and other physical issues. What I didn’t realize was the enormous effect on their mental, emotional and psychological development prematurity would have. They still don’t sleep through the night, I still have to repeat things often because sometimes they “don’t get it” They still have to repeat things to me because even without the binky their speech is sometimes difficult to understand. Caleb gets frustrated really easy when his brain wants something but his hands do something else (we can thank Cerebral Palsy for that). Jaiden who often gets accused of being “the mean one” has difficulty opening up to people and isn’t as outgoing as Caleb, he’s incredibly shy. Large crowds terrify him and he often just shuts down with his head buried in my chest or Lauryn’s chest. If that little piece of rubber and plastic help soothe and comfort them I will not be taking that little piece of comfort away from them because you feel it’s time.
So forgive me if holding on to a pacifier a little longer than you think they should bothers you and you feel the need to let me know that they’re “just too old for that”. To that I will calmly say…..Mind your binky business!!

One thought on “Mind Your Binky Business!!

  1. We are ALL different and develop differently. The binky will be history, when they’re ready. Sooooo I concur—Please mind “Your Binky Business” 😘


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