Mommy Dearest

As cliché as I know I will sound I have to honestly say my life has not been the same since the day my oldest daughter was born. From the moment I looked into those beautiful eyes I made a vow not only to her but to myself. I vowed that I would be the best mom in the world and I would go to the ends of the earth to make sure this gift that I had been trusted with would never have to worry about anything in her life. I was gonna be just like Claire Huxtable, Carol Brady and Florida Evans ( don’t judge me all these moms together make like  a super mom times 10!!). Any issue we would ever have would be resolved in like 30 minutes max, because just like the offspring of these mothers, she would always come to the brilliant realization that I always have her best interest at heart..this was gonna be a breeze!!  I mean looking back now it was like I completely ignored the fact that I was a HORRIBLE teenager that gave my mom a run for her money probably since the day I learned to talk. I was oblivious to the fact that you reap what you sow and karma is a nasty, ugly…well you know what. My child would be a completely perfect angel that would never cause her mother any strife. Boy was I wrong on so many levels in every way possible.

Apparently “Generation Z” children are born knowing everything in life that they will ever need to know….ever. Their parents don’t know anything and everything they are experiencing has neverr been experienced by anyone else born before them. Oh my silly, silly child. I’m still perplexed when I look around the house and realize we don’t have a set of encyclopedias  yet somehow this child knows EVERYTHING. When offering my knowledge and experience on anything my information is almost always inaccurate unless of course the internet happens to align with me. Side note to parents,  be sure to reference the website utilized to support your point beforehand or all information that flows from your mouth before mentioning your online reference will be null and void.

Somehow between the arguments, punishments and occasional silent treatments (no worries…. the longest one only lasted maybe 2 days) I opened my eyes and realized I raised a really good kid. She helps out with her brothers a lot and now that she’s driving she offers to pick up, drop off and run to the store often.. now that I think about I really think the trips to the store are more for her than for me, but I digress. She’s preparing to start her second semester  of college soon and all I can think about is everything I haven’t gotten a chance to teach her. It’s like we just celebrated her 3rd birthday and the most important thing in her world was her mommy and The Wiggles, and now she’s making decisions about her life and  career path. She asks my advice on everything and even offers my advice to her friends because according to her I “know a lot of stuff” (I actually overheard her say this to her friend and it made my whole day). I know hat stubborn streak that has earned her many days of phone probation will turn into determination to never give up and follow her dreams and perseverance to stay in the race even when times get tough. I know she’s realizing that her mom really does have her best interest at heart….even if it did take a little longer than 30 minutes.

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